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Welcome! Here you’ll find a basic overview of my commission prices and examples of quality you can expect from each type of commission I offer. I try to offer a wide range of price tiers so there’s something to fit most budgets! Thank you for your interest in my work, I’m looking forward to hearing from you!



Sketches are loosely refined drawings. Color, additional details or props can be added for a small fee. You may also get the sketch "refined" or drawn over for better detail for a small additional fee.

Basic Sketch (no color):
  ■Headshot: $35.00
  ■Waist up: $45.00
  ■Full body: $55.00


+Color: $10.00
  +Shading: $10.00
  +Refine sketch: $15.00
  +Accessory/Prop/Detail: $10.00

(backgrounds are not available for this commission type)


Refined Linework

Fully lined and refined drawings with full color and a simple background. Shading and additional props, details and accessories for a small additional fee. A more detailed background may be added for a fee based on the scene you request.

Linework (Includes base color):
  ■Headshot: $60.00
  ■Waist up: $70.00
  ■Full body: $100.00

  ■Logo/Design work: $100.00


  +Simple, Cel Style Shading $10.00
  +Detailed Shading: $20.00

  +Accessory/Prop/Detail: $10.00

  +Detailed Background: $60


Full Detail/Painted

Fully detailed artwork with rich, textured shading and detailing. Additional details or props can be added for a small fee. Comes with a simple background in the initial fee. A more detailed background may be added for a fee depending on the scene you request!

Painted  (Includes color, and fully detailed shading:
  ■Headshot: $100.00
  ■Waist up: $125.00
  ■Full body: $200.00

 ■DetailedLogo/Design work: $200.00

  +Background: $100+
  +Accessory/Prop/Detail: $50-$100

(Prices are based on the complexity of the scene. Basic colors and shapes are complimentary)


Pixel art/Sprites

Pixel artwork for personal use. Contact me personally for game/web assets.

  ■Icon: $60.00
  ■Full body Sprite: $90.00


  +Detailed Background: $20-$100
  +Accessory/Prop/Detail: $20-$50

  +Animation: $50-$100 based on complexity.

(All prices are based on the complexity of the scene. Basic colors and shapes are complimentary)


Commercial Work/Full Rights Sale Commissions

I am available for commission for works that are intended for commercial use or where you (the client) will purchase full rights to the artwork to use as you wish. In order to obtain this kind of artwork you must be willing to accept an individual contract as well as accepting my standard ToS.

-Prices for artwork of this nature are highly variable and will depend entirely on the work itself and what you intend to use it for!

Email me at to inquire about commercial/full rights commissions if you would like to hire me to create artwork for your brand, merch or otherwise!


Terms of Service


This is an overview of my Terms of Service, which must be read and agreed upon by potential clients before a commission may be accepted. Please read over all of this in detail before attempting to attain a quote or contact me about a potential commission. Thank you in advance for your time.

Terms of Service

Terms of Service:

This is a guide: As the artist, I hold my right to use my prices listed as baseline and charge according to each individual commission request as I see fit to honor my time and skills. I am able to modify or change my base prices, and change my Terms of Services at any time I see fit to do so. By accepting a commission by me, you are agreeing by contract to have read, understood and accepted my Terms of Service.

If you have any questions or at any time need clarification, please ask me.


Payment and Refunds:

  • Because of the nature of my business, and commissioning me is agreeing to a contract, you (as the client) must be of 18 years of age or older. No exceptions. I reserve the right to verify your age at any time. I DO NOT store your verification in any way. No exceptions, It will never be saved or shared.

  • All payment must be made in USD, paid in full and upfront before any work begins. If you wish to set up a payment plan, work will not be started before it is paid in full and the payment plan must be agreed upon by both you (the client) and myself (the artist).

  • Payments must be made via the link I provide, directly to or by invoice.

  • Once you have received a quote from me, you may accept or deny the commission. Should you accept, you must send your payment or pay the invoice within 48 hours or otherwise make an agreement with me on moving forward.

  • Invoices must be paid within 48 hours of them being sent or you must contact me and arrange a later payment that will be accepted or declined at my discretion.

  • Refunds may be made on commissions that have not been completed and exceed a reasonable deadline*. You may not receive a full refund on images that have been partially completed. You will be allowed a partial refund, at my discretion for the amount uncompleted and receive what has been completed.
    I will not accept a refund on a commission that has been accepted if you “changed your mind” or “did not budget yourself correctly”. Your finances are not my responsibility. If you accept the commission quote you’ve been given you are accepting this contract and thus, this refund policy. You will receive the image you’ve commissioned. All sales are final.

    *A reasonable deadline is subject to the commission itself. For example, a "Sketched headshot" should be completed within 7 days but a fully painted picture may take several months to complete. Please ask me what the typical turn around time of the image you are interested in will be before I accept your commission. If you need your work within a certain time frame, you must communicate this to me before work begins as you may be subject to an additional "rush job" fee. I take this very seriously, and I expect communication on your expectations and will always extend the same to you should anything interfere with your artwork being completed.


  • I retain the right to refuse the commission at any time in the process at my own discretion. If I terminate the commission, I will refund you in full and you will not receive the image, regardless of its completion.

Payment and Refunds



You may:

  • Crop a portion of your image to be used as an icon.

  • Make modifications to the image on your own, pay another artist to do so or pay me to make them. (My signature MUST NOT be removed, however.)

  • Post your commission on whichever websites you’d like as long as my signature and watermark is intact.

  • Request a PSD and/or full resolution image of your commission within 90 days of your commission.

  • You may resell my artwork as part of selling your IP (intellectual property, such as your own original character) ONLY, you do not have to honor the price you paid me for it but as a courtesy, please inform me of you doing so. (ANY other sale of my work is prohibited.)

You may NOT:

  • Use any image I have created that you did not commission yourself.

  • Use your commission for print on product or for sale of any kind. If you wish to commission an image for such purposes, you must accept a different contract

  • Post my artwork on any website with my signature cropped, drawn over or removed in some way.

  • Claim art you’ve commissioned as artwork you’ve created.

  • Share or post a requested PSD for download. (Unless you are giving it to an artist or friend to make edits. They or you MAY NOT remove my watermarks or signature.)

  • In no circumstance can you remove my signature or watermark from your image, should they be present.

  • DO NOT edit and sell any image you have commissioned from me. The only instance my artwork may be sold by you is if you are bundling it along with selling the rights to your IP/ character.

Additional use information:
   If you have any questions about what you can or cannot use a commissioned image for, please contact me. My consent is all that is needed if you wish to turn your image into a telegram sticker, or print for personal use only. You may not, under any circumstance, sell my artwork for monetary gain.

If you wish to use my artwork as part of your own promotion (example: you are a twitch streamer, and you want it as a banner or icon) you may without needing to contact me. 



Retainment, Changes & Misc.


I retain all rights to any and all images I create. I may use your commission for my own promotion at a later date, use it for prints or otherwise as I see fit. If you wish to purchase the full rights to your image, please contact me so we may negotiate a price that is fair to both parties you, (the client) and me, (the artist)
If you would like an image you’ve commissioned to remain “secret” and request that I do not post or use it otherwise, we will negotiate it. Otherwise, I may post, print and use the commission at my discretion.

I will send you a sketched WIP (work in progress) of your commission on any image over $50.00 in value. Or at my discretion on images of lower value. (As the process of going back and forth can take a lot of time if you're not available when I need approval.) If you wish to receive a sketched WIP on your image and the commission was less than $50.00 then you must request it at the start of the commission process. Otherwise I do not need to submit you a sketch for approval unless I want to. You may request any changes you want once you’re given the sketch WIP but please be as thorough as you can with the changes you need to reduce the amount of revisions needed. If your amount of revisions becomes unreasonable I retain the right to terminate the commission or charge you for the time you’re requesting me to spend on your commission. I try to keep this part of the process as reasonable and fair as possible, and I expect you to do the same. You are allowed revisions on a completed image as long as the changes have to do with character accuracy on my part. Any changes due to you wishing to change your own character from your reference material MUST be included and THOROUGHLY gone over with your initial commission request. Please be aware that you are responsible for giving me accurate reference material and if your request for changes becomes excessive due to inadequate reference, I may request a small fee.
PLEASE NOTE: My art process often involves color casting or altering the tint of your character so they fit within the environment I’m drawing them in. I will make sure that your character definitely looks as they should(ex: your blue character will not be red, but a blue character standing next to a campfire will be cast in red/orange light), if you want your colors to be EXACTLY the same as your reference, it will require me to shade differently or otherwise change the process in which I work. I do not mind making your commission “serve as a reference” for your character but YOU MUST specify this.

*Deadlines and Rush jobs:
I pride myself in my quick and reasonable turn-around times and am very open about delays should they occur. Though, if you need a commission completed by a certain date, this must be discussed and agreed upon at the start of the commission process. Rush jobs are subject to a fee based on how quickly you need the commission done. If I fail to meet a deadline, I will refund you based upon my refund policy.


  • All commission contact must be made via email unless otherwise agreed upon. Do NOT send me a message on twitter, comment on a profile or otherwise to discuss the commission. Allow me a reasonable amount of time to reply to you and I shall do the same for you.

  • If you wish to send me a tip, please feel free to send it to my paypal at any time or via my paypal link. Invoices will include an option to tip but please note tips are not expected or necessary though they are GREATLY appreciated and mean a lot to me.

  • By accepting a commission by me, you are admitting to reading this TOS and accepting it. The goal here is to be fair and reasonable for us both.

  • Please keep in mind that artwork is my job and I do treat it as such. I like to be friendly and personable but please do not request to contact me personally, engage me in roleplay or solicit me sexually because of our contact for artwork. Do not send me photographs of your anatomy “as reference” or otherwise.

  • Please respect me as a person and my needs and wishes. I am not a machine that produces artwork. I need rest, food and relaxation time just as you do. I will terminate any commission that makes me feel uncomfortably rushed.


Personal Data & GDPR Complaiance:

For my EU clients as well as US clients who wish to be aware of what kind of data collection commissioning me entails and who I share it with please read below:

1. The info I collect from you is for my own, personal databases which are used for reference to make sure communication is smooth and your art is delivered to you properly. Your email address, your paypal email and your name are kept private. The only identifying information you give to me that will be shared in a public post is your desired twitter/FA/Other username.

2. I do not store your data. I will hold onto your form for 6 months as its purpose is to establish a line of communication between me as your artist and you as my client and as a record of you ordering artwork from me in the case of a wrongful dispute. Any email/Twitter DM or Telegram correspondence will be deleted after 6 months of inactivity on said conversation. This is just to provide a record of the transaction and my fulfillment. Your data is not collected in a database or otherwise stored outside of email/twitter Direct Message or Telegram.

3. Your identifying information: I ONLY require your paypal email address and a means of contacting you which is either your email address, your twitter username or your telegram username. I do not share or store any of those things without your permission and I NEVER share email addresses or paypal addresses. None of your shared information will be publicly visible without your consent.

4. I am the sole controller of your shared personal data. The only processor used for collection is my google docs form and gmail/twitter/telegram for personal correspondence. Our correspondence is private and between you, ( the client) and me (the artist). As a data subject, your information will never be shared with any other processors and any usernames will only be shared in the public post of your artwork, with your consent.

5. Your rights to rectification and deletion of data: You may, at any time, contact me and change your information I have, such as your preferred email and contact username on twitter or telegram. I DO NOT STORE YOUR NAME, GENDER, RACE, OR LOCATION INFORMATION IN ANY WAY. The only data I need for my records is for communication (Your email and preferred twitter or Telegram username). I will need to keep your email/Twitter DM or telegram correspondence for a total of 6 months time to protect myself from possible abuses. You may contact me and request deletion at any time beyond that 6 month period should it not already be destroyed.

6. If you ever have any questions about your data, how I use it and how it is stored PLEASE ASK ME. However, here’s an easy to reference list that goes over the block of text that I’ve given you above:

    -The ONLY data I collect is for the purpose of communication during the commission process and to also insure that the invoice is sent to the correct paypal address.

-I DO NOT store information about your Name, your address, your gender or race in any way and NONE of that info will be shared EVER. NO EXCEPTIONS.

   -The data is only stored in the google form, within our email/twitter/telegram conversation and it is destroyed after 6 months of inactivity.

   -The only data I SHARE is your username of choice, whether it be your Twitter @, your FA username or otherwise. This is YOUR CHOICE.

   -I am the SOLE controller of your data. It will not be shared with any other individual unless you ask for it to be transferred to another controller. This must be explicitly expressed by you as the client.

Personal Data/GDPR

NFTs and Blockchain:

I do not approve of or allow my art to be used for any form of blockchain, NFTs or cryptocurrency exchange OR creation of any future cryptocurrency related endeavours. No art that I (Leah Berg, growlbeast, growlART) create may be used in the creation or minting of NFTs, blockchain or any cryptocurrency exchange regardless if it is a personal work that I have created or a work that was commissioned by another party. No reproductions of my artwork may be used for any blockchain related technology now or in the future, including NFTs, blockchain or anything that involves the creation of, minting or exchange of any form of cryptocurrency. No client may use artwork created by me as part of a NFT, Blockchain, or any form of cryptocurrency creation, minting or exchange. 

My art may not be sold for any form of cryptocurrency and I will never accept any form of cryptocurrency as a payment option. 


As it is impossible to predict what future cryptocurrency related endeavours will exist or what they will be called, I disallow the usage of my artwork in any way in any and all current and future creation or exchange of cryptocurrency.

NFTs, Blockchain & AI

AI assisted art and AI Training:

I do not approve my artwork to be used in part or as a whole in the creation of original AI artwork. It is also not approved to be used to train an AI to create artwork. No part of my artwork in part or in whole may be used by AI developers or trainers as a part of their AI image creation. I do not wish for my artwork or my techniques to be used to advance AI artworks in any way.

How to obtain a Quote and Contact me for Commission:

If you have read the above and wish to contact me for a price quote or ask if I am open for a commission or project, please E-mail me at

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